Practical Technology Solutions For Team Collaboration
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Want your teams and staff groups to work more efficiently? Want to outfit them with the right collaborative software for managing projects, tasks, knowledge, and relationships?

The most effective solutions are often not the full-featured, high-cost products. We're software agnostic, and regularly work with premium commercial and open source products.

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What's the problem? What we do How we do it Why you need it

Projects cost more than
expected. Your staff
spends up to 40%
time seeking information.
Most work materials
are buried in emails. Improvements in nnovation and
productivity are critical.



We show organizations how to use collaborative tools: Project team members save more than an hour/week, the organization accumulates IP that currently walks out the door every night. More...


We shift the focus of tools 'ownership' from IT to users: project team members. When they participate in decisions about their own tools, they use them and they work more productively. More...


Research shows up to 4x ROI on information worker software when complimentary investments in process - involving the workers who use it - are made.