Tools Management Methodology

An Introduction to the Tools Management Team Concept

"Why tax information workers with responsibility for configuring and evolving their networked collaboration tools?"

A company's Tools Management Team consists of people from each of the business groups doing the work of the company (vs. from IT or support departments), because:

People in the groups doing the work understand each group's needs, thus they're always in the best position to configure the IS tools to improve group effectiveness.

They can identify the tool use processes that will be most practical for a group at any given time. When new tools become available, Tools Management Team members learn them and introduce them to their groups in the context of their groups' work.

When new processes / practices are developed, Tools Management Team members integrate them into the operations of the groups by customizing their application to the unique process of each group.

The Tools Management Team oversees development of all the organizational elements necessary to create a "Tool System" capability - a Tool System capability consists of 4 elements:

1) The IS Tool

2) Configuration of the tool, & standards for its use

3) Governance issues: who has access, with what permissions

4) The processes employed in use of the tool: highly customized for maximum effectiveness and productivity

tools management team diagram