Tools for Collaboration and Communities of Practice

A summary and details on the leading networked tool products and many not-so-well-known products. If you want to know about any tool not detailed here, let us know.

To accommodate the growing range of Networked tool products we organize them into 4 categories:

Categories of Networked Tools

Networked Tools - Introduction

Integrated Environments - multiple capabilities through a common user interface.

Wikis - capability to enter and edit text directly into webpages; they are becoming mainstream for collaborative groups.

Shared Display - also called 'web conferencing' or 'screen sharing'; a key tool for remote teamwork.

Focused Tools - many different types that each do one job well.

We're experts in the general capabilities of networked tools and how networked tools can be overlaid - like a glove on a hand - with use practices. When the right tools are combined with effective use practices, team and organizational productivity increase dramatically.

Introduction - What are networked tools?

"Networked Tools" are server-based software applications that support people in creating, sharing and finding data, information and knowledge.

Functional Capabilities - any one Networked Tool product has some or many of these capabilities.

Non-Functional Features - be sure to also consider these critical factors when choosing Networked tools products.

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Integrated Environments - Multiple capabilities in one tool

Open Source enterprise content management from a team that includes developers from Documentum and Interwoven.

Top networked tool for project management.

Awareness - Company site
An on-demand social media platform where enterprises deploy Web 2.0 technologies to achieve business goals. Includes enterprise security, workflow and regulatory compliance tools.

Basecamp - Company site
Project management focused, a collaborative tool set to monitor and manage tasks and other types of project information.

Collanos - Company site
A Virtual Team Space with simple file repository and task tracking capabilities. Windows, Mac and Linux clients along with service is free! peer-to-peer so files accessible offline. A quick fix for teams with no tools at all.

Documentum/eRoom - Company site
An extensive, flexible platform that supports enterprise content management applications.

Full-featured enterprise content management for many document types and image types.

Google docs - Company site
Wiki-like set of services that are structured like popular PC-based tools for word processing, spreadsheet and presentation slide creatio. Intuituve to create and share materials. Semi-integrated with google calendar & email.

Grandview - Company site
An integrated operations, project management, and communications toolsystem that is built around a SQL Server database for value-added service providers. Business management software for project enterprises.

Groove is another Microsoft collaboration tools. It can be a standalone peer-to-peer collaboration environment, or a Sharepoint client. It can be useful for sharing among ad-hoc teams across organizations, or for mobile workers.

Interwoven Worksite - Company site
A collaborative document management tool with workspaces.

Oracle's WebCenter Suite - Company site
An integrated suite of products designed for creating dynamic user work environments.

Plone - Community site
An open-source content management framework. It runs on top of Zope, a widely-used Open Source web application server and development system.

Project Spaces - Company site
Secure web-based workspace toolset for project teams. Content Exchange - Company site
Web-based document collaboration and sharing tool also categorizes documents automatically. Notifies users of updates and new documents published by authors or topics to which they "subscribed."  Available late 2007.

Sharepoint - Microsoft's largest revenue server product, there are two different Sharepoint products: Windows Sharepoint Services (WSS) and Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server (MOSS). Full featured, easy for non-technical business users to configure to most collaborative needs.

SpringCM - Company site
Enterprise Content Management software delivered as hosted service, with integrated document management, workflow, and capture technologies.

Stoneware Portal
An extensive set of functionality that provides the security of an SSL VPN with the services of a web portal.

WebOffice - Company site
A hosted service that enables teams to share documents, calendars, and databased information - integrates with webex the popular shared display service.

An open-source server and client software for messaging and collaboration: email, group calendaring, contacts, and web document management and authoring. Bought by Yahoo 9/07.

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Wikis - Type directly into webpages, publish to the web

Socialtext, Inc.
A full-featured Enterprise wiki. Socialtext provides wikis four ways: hosted, appliance, supported product, and open source.

Confluence Wiki - Company site
Emerged from 'Jira' initial design as augment to bug tracking. Rolled out Wiki as independent product. Some users experience the UI as "Too Techy".

Twiki - Community site
A very popular open source wiki used by many teams - the "T" in twiki may be for 'tiny.'

Media Wiki - Community site
This open source wiki is the platform under the famous Wikipedia - a scalable product that can handle lots of traffic and maintain performance: 'flat' architecture - one wiki that has a zillion pages.

XWiki - Company & Community sites
promoted as an enterprise-ready solution. It has an open-source code base.

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Shared Display - aka Web Conferencing & Screen Sharing

Connect - Company site
This is the formerly highly rated, Breeze from Macromedia, this Flash based web conferencing .... ... originally called Breeze from Macromedia, the name changed as part of Adobe's acquisition of Macromedia.

CrossLink - Company site
A free product that is easy to use.

Glance - Company site
A very simple, easy to learn and use; offers both Mac and Windows clients.

A very quick to download ... Mac and Window ... Company

Live Meeting - Company site
Microsoft's product that they bought from Placeware.

SameTime - Company site
This Lotus product.

Yahoo Groups - Wikipedia Article - Hosted -
A long-time player - strengths of this earl collaboration offering are email distribution lists (i.e., maillists) and calendar. Also includes contacts / members list, polling, and file sharing.

Webex - Company site
The fact that Cisco recently aquired this company is an indication of how extensive web conferencing services will become ... more useful description.

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Focused tools - one capability, done well

Accomplice - Company site
A PC application to manage goals, tasks, and notes, then sync them with a team; integrates with Outlook. A free version available if you want to endure ads. - Company site
Create or upload documents, then invite others to review. Receive alerts when they read, comment or upload new versions. A major improvement over emailing a file then wondering if it has been seen.

Coventi Pages - Company site
Web tool for authoring and reviewing documents - designed to support many individuals contributing to a document but reserving author role to one - annotations and discussions versus lots of editors as in MS Word review mode.

Meeting Wizard - Company site
An online meeting scheduling tool. Free service for organizing up to 50 meeting participants.

Tacit Software's ActiveNet - Company site
Enterprise collaboration tools for Proposal Development, R&D, and Procurement.

Tacit Software's Illumio - Company site
A web 2.0 information broker that matches end-user info requests with experts within the organization who'd have an answer.

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