Here's the proof...
...that Networked Tool Systems are worth the cost.

General consensus among economists is that IT has been the biggest single factor driving U.S. productivity resurgence. Economists at Stanford and MIT have done extensive research showing that IT tools are central to organizational productivity, and even to market value of the company. Many information-worker-intensive organizations have published results that show the importance of networked tool systems to collaborative teams.

Economic Proof

Tim Bresahan (Stanford) and Eric Brynjolfsson (MIT) have led research that used actual financial and performance data; they've proven that huge long-term gains accrue when information-system investments are accompanied by investments in training, process development, and support. Wikipedia on Brynjolffsson.

Specific Organizations' Proof

The FAA (Federal Aviation Adminstration) has over 100 departments across the agency (over 20,000 staff and industry users) participating in their Knowledge Services Network program (KSN). The KSN program combines Microsoft SharePoint technology and includes both end-user and facilitator training and has a Facilitator Community of Practice. Many articles document its results:

The Marine Corps has dramatically improved paper- and MS Word-based processes used by tens of thousands of Marines, by training users to build their own solutions with their collaboration tools system.

US Economy Productivity - output per hour of US workers - year over year change:

~ +1.3%    1983 - 1994

~ +2.5%    1996 - 2001

~ +3.0%     2002 - 2006


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