Our Agile Consulting services rapidly deliver custom-tailored collaboration expertise for the cost (and time) of a seminar. We offer Half-Day, One-Day, and Up to 5 Day packages.

We rapidly assess your situation and explain the practical realities of collaboration tools for you: capabilities you can easily use and techniques most companies learn after a year of using the tools. You get answers to:

Which tools integrate well with existing systems?
Which tools fix our most pressing problems?

Which tools fit our work process?
Which tools are the most cost-effective?
Which tools should we deploy first?

Examples of practical approaches we provide for teams

  • Know task assignments and latest status without contacting several people
  • Optimize Virtual meetings - check out our meetings package
  • Share decisions, updates, and materials from meetings & remote workers more effectively across the organization
  • Tag technical and product data, customer details, etc., for current use and to create organizational memory
  • Preserve staff knowledge despite retirements, restructuring and staff reductions
  • Optimize selection and configuration of new tools
  Here's the math:

Our Agile Consulting Services

       Custom consulting at seminar prices: valuable guidance without a long consulting engagement.

  In this time: We will: How we do it:
Half-Day Assess your process needs & key pain points, then select and explain your options; if time, guide you to create a prioritized implementation approach. services diagram
1 Day Specify practices for uses of existing tools to address top priority issues from first half-day. Or:

Develop Evaluation of new tool alternatives customized to your situation.
2-5 Days Develop tradeoff analysis of the above list of new software alternatives, with assessment of pros & cons. Collaborate with stakeholders in the decision process.

Liason with IT re: tools selection, planning, and implementation. Deliver a kickoff session that imbues key managers with the message to convey to achieve the original goals of greater speed, efficiency, productivity with collaborative tools.

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