Video References

Video: "What is a wiki - in plain English."
A wiki is a networked tool that allows users to enter text directly to the webpage. People arriving at a page will see updates 1 second after they're made. Therefore, when document, schedule, and task updates are typed into a wiki page (instead of into MS Word or any PC-resident program), everyone "gets a copy" without anyone sending an email and the recipients reading the email. You just go to the wiki to get the latest copy when you're ready to read it.


Video: "Digital Culture "
Its topic is the world wide web; it walks you on a tour from handwritten to digital text, then web-published text with hyperlinks, then expands to demonstrate how information located on a server (as in a wiki or a database) is flexible, accessible and so much more re-usable than hard-copy and data-file-based (e.g., MS Word, Excel, MS Project) information.


Video of a talk: "Building a Culture of knowledge Sharing"
From the "Solutions for Improving Efficiency" conference by Sopolek Business Advisory Services.



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